A chance meeting...

Leads to some pretty neat stuff!

One day, many pounds and hair folicles ago, two young lads - Gary and Marc - had a couple of friends who thought that Gary and Marc had some fast cars. As young lads are want to do, a race was eventually set up. Two races, two winners. Seemed like a good place to call it quits and go their separate ways.

But the story doesn't end there. Something funny happened. The friends that set the whole thing up are long gone, but Marc and Gary became great friends and "partners in crime" sharing their passion for all things automobile and trying to be just a little different (which wasn't all that hard for them!).

Over the years (and many cases of Pepsi), Gary and Marc have created a more than a few cars and such with some odd takes on the norm. From Marc's 1974 Chevy Vega with the small block V8 to Gary's hand-crafted dune buggy to the stuff still on the drawing boards (ok, just in the back of the skull), nothing seems to be off limits! And wrapped around all that silliness, was became the faux company, Seat of the Pants Engineering (SOTP) - because that's how just about everything has been done.

Enjoy the pages of the site and give us a shout if you like what you see! Or not.